Translation and editing

Since 2020 I am also keen on translating and editing translated novels (from English). As a former English student who still loves reading English literature and watches a lot of English movies, I know most British and American idioms and will find the right tone for your novel. I will also make sure that the sentence structures sound „German“ enough though.

If you are a translator of English novels or a novel writer who wants to have their books translated into German, contact me if you are looking for a fast, reliable translator or editor. I have worked with several translators and authors by now, e. g. J. Bree or Sky Corgan, on several book series. For longer novels/series I love to co-work with other translators, so as a team we can make sure your novel gets the best translation it deserves.

A good translation needs a good editing and should never go without. I can offer editing from 2,50 Euro per run-through, how many you need depends on the quality of your translation. Just send me a couple of example pages and I can make you an offer. Translation from English to German is available from 0,05 € per word (excl. editing) for simpler texts. I am specializing on translating romance and erotic romance novels, since these are the genres I also work with as an author (Katelyn Faith). 

Feel free to ask for my availabilities: alexandra (at) 

Books I have translated:

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