Literary translation

As a former English student who still loves to read English literature and watches a lot of English movies, I know most British and American idioms and will find the right tone for your novel. A good translator should also be a good writer himself. As a successful romance novelist and well educated and experienced editor I will take good care of your creation and give it the best German translation it can get. Without using any KI-tools, of course, but at reasonable prices.

I have worked with several translators and authors, e. g. Neva Altaj, Eva Winners, Vajona publishing house (translations) and J. Bree, Cassie Cole and Stephanie Hudson (translation editing) on several book series. For longer novels/series I also love to co-work with other translators, so as a team we can make sure your novel gets the best translation it deserves at a much faster pace.

A good literary translation needs a good editing as well and should never go without. My translations always come including editing and proofreading, so you won’t have to take care of that.

Translation editing prices start from 2,50 Euro/page per run-through, how many you need depends on the quality of your translation. I work fast, reliably and very thoroughly to ensure an excellent translation. As a translator, just send me a few sample pages and I will make you a personalized offer for your editing/proofreading.

I currently specialize in translating dark romance/spicy romance, since these are also my preferred genres as a bestselling author myself (with more than 1 million book copies sold as Katelyn Faith/Amy Lynn and others). As you know, these genres require a lot of empathy and experience for the best wording.

Feel free to ask for my current availabilities and a literary translation sample of 5 pages for free here: alexandra (at) 

Books I have already translated (excerpts):


Neva Altaj Painted scars German translation

Neva Altaj Hidden truths German translation


Neva Altaj Ruined secrets German translation


Neva Altaj Broken whispers German translation


Currently in progress (May 2024)


Eva Winners Belles and Mobsters German translation

Libby Fischer Hellmann Max' War German translation